Terms of Use

Estes Termos de Uso regem a relação do todo Exhibtionism.com rede de sites com usuários e quaisquer terceiros que o acesso ou interagir com Exhibtionism.com através de computadores, dispositivos móveis ou quaisquer outros dispositivos ( “Usuário” ). O Exhibtionism.com rede de sites inclui, mas não se limita a seus sites, recursos interativos, aplicativos, widgets, blogs, redes sociais ou quaisquer outros serviços a que o Exhibtionism.com rede de sites está relacionada ( Exhibtionism.com ) A categoria “Usuário” shall be applied even for those who haven’t created a personal account at the “Exhibtionism.com” network.

By using or accessing the “Exhibtionism.com” services, the “User” declares to agree with these Terms of Use. The agreement celebrated between “Exhibtionism.com” network and “User” substitute any previous agreement, oral or written, between them. “Exhibtionism.com” and “User” agree that before submitting an eventual conflict to court they should notify one another. “Exhibtionism.com” will send the notification to the last registered address of the “User” and, if the delivery fails, “Exhibtionism.com” will be discharged from the obligation to notify the “User”. The “User” shall notify “Exhibtionism.com” at the following address: São Paulo, Brasil.

Any claim, cause of action or dispute (claim) arising these Terms of Use or “Exhibtionism.com” shall be ruled by the laws of Federative Republic of Brazil.

These Terms of Use were written in Brazilian Portuguese. If there is any conflict between the Brazilian Portuguese version and other language versions, the Brazilian Portuguese version shall prevail.

Any controversy or claim arising out of or related to these Terms of Use shall be settled by arbitration administered by the Court of Arbitration of Santa Catarina State (Corte Catarinense de Arbitragem), located in Florianópolis/SC.

The arbitral tribunal will resolve all disputes that may arise between “Exhibtionism.com” and “User”, except when the law of the jurisdiction where the “User” resides prohibits the use of the arbitral tribunal.

In case of inapplicability of the arbitral tribunal, it is elected as jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or related to these Terms of Use, the district court of the capital city of Florianopolis, State of Santa Catarina.

By accessing or using the “Exhibtionism.com” network, the “User” agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use and guarantees that is in his full legal capacities in the terms of the law of Brazil and from where the “User” resides. If the “User” does not agree to be bound by all portions of these Terms of Use, even if the “User” only disagrees partially, the “User” shall not access or use the websites of the “Exhibtionism.com” network.

There may be times when “Exhibtionism.com” offers a special service that has its own terms and conditions that apply in addition to these Terms of Use. In those cases, the terms specific to the special service shall prevail if there is a conflict with these Terms of Use.

“Exhibtionism.com” is based in Brazil and controls its services network in compliance with the laws of Brazil. “Exhibtionism.com” is not liable for adjusting its services to other countries. If the “User” accesses “Exhibtionism.com” network from a foreign country, the “User” does so by his own will and the “User” is solely responsible for eventual infringements of the law of the jurisdiction where he resides.

The services provided by “Exhibtionism.com” network are performed by Loirinha.com

By accessing the “Exhibtionism.com” network, the “User” guarantees that his activities are in compliance with the laws of Brazil and the laws of the jurisdiction where he resides. “Exhibtionism.com” is authorized to limit the use of its services to non-residents of Brazil, as well as restrict the access from those to any product without notice.

To access and/or use any content or services related to “Exhibtionism.com” websites network, the “User” shall:

  1. Be at least 18 years old and over legal majority age to access any content related to the “Exhibtionism.com” network, according the law of the “User” residence. In Brazil, the minimum age is 18 years old.
  2. Be responsible for any activity that occurs through his account. The “User” also represents that all information provided upon registration and at all other times is true, accurate, current and complete.
  3. Agree to update his personal account periodically with the aim of maintain the information truth and accuracy.
  4. Accept that all information sent to “Exhibtionism.com” will be kept in a database.
  5. Agree that will not sell, transfer, license or distribute his account, follower’s information, username, or any rights related to his personal account.
  6. Be responsible for keeping his password secret and secure. The “User” is the only person authorized to access his personal account.
  7. Agree that is solely responsible for his own conduct and any information, data, file, text, image, video, photo, audio, link and other content or materials submitted and posted on the “Exhibtionism.com” network.
  8. Agree that the “Exhibtionism.com” network will not review any material submitted, because it represents an impossible technical demand.
  9. Warrant that has not been convicted in any lawsuit related to aggression, violence, inappropriate sexual behavior or harassment.


  10. Violation of these Terms of Use may result to the “User” following penalties:

    1. Warning;
    2. Temporary or permanent exclusion of any content;
    3. Temporary or permanent termination of the violator’s personal account.
      §1st “Exhibtionism.com” network administration reserves the right to monitor, edit, block or remove any content or user not in compliance with these Terms of Use, without prior notice. If a profile is blocked, the “User” will be electronically notified about the decision and will have 48 hours to present his defense. If the defense is rejected or not presented, the block will be permanent and irreversible.
      §2nd In case of violation, the “User” will not have the right to any reimbursement or restitution of any value for reason of exclusion of his profile.
  11. The “User” may send any kind of material to “Exhibtionism.com”, which includes, but is not limited to messages, texts, images and videos, provided that the material does not include:

    1. Images or any mention to people who are or seem to be under the age of 18;
    2. Images or any mention to pedophilia, sadomasochism, bestiality, or crime of any nature or any kind of violence;
    3. Background images of people who are, or seem to be under the age of 18, or people who seem to be out of their full  mental or physical capacities, like people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or people who may suffer from any other
    4. kind of mental or physical disorder;
    5. Images with email addresses or any mention to other websites addresses, as well as messages that may be considered spam;
    6. Images with manifestations against the “Exhibtionism.com” network, of any nature;
    7. Messages or text containing language considered offensive or inconvenient;
    8. Text mentioning other contact information such as email address, social network, instant chat or any other contact information that wasn’t provided by “Exhibtionism.com” network;
    9. Content that the “User” is not the owner or licensed, as well as content that is not original or shows professional models or actors;
    10. Images including name and/or brand of business premises enabling the identification;
    11. Restrictions determined by the laws of Brazil and/or from jurisdiction where the “User” resides and/or is accessing “Exhibtionism.com”.
    Sole paragraph: the violation of any of the terms above may result in the sum of penalties described under item 10.
  12. The “User” may use the information available on “Exhibtionism.com” websites network, including those related to other users, but only while this use is in compliance with the purposes of “Exhibtionism.com” websites network, which is to establish a network of adult relationships.
  13. The use of information and/or materials from other users obtained from “Exhibtionism.com” network for other purposes that were not included under item 12 is prohibited. The “Exhibtionism.com” network cannot and will not be liable by the improper use that an “User” makes of information or materials from another “User”. Each “User” is solely responsible for the entire content submitted to the “Exhibtionism.com” network and is aware that other users may use his publications.
  14. The “User” assumes the responsibility for all consequences of the disclosure of the content submitted to the “Exhibtionism.com” network and declares that is not violating any of the terms established under item 11. The material will be available for the general public and the “User” guarantees that:

    1. Owns the material or content that he publishes;
    2. Is authorized to use or send the material to be viewed by other “Exhibtionism.com” network users or the general public;
    3. People depicted in the material sent are over 18 years of age and have full legal capacity.
  15. The “User” shall not use the “Exhibtionism.com” network for any illegal purpose or others purposes that are not authorized by the laws of Brazil and by the laws of the “User’s” residence or jurisdiction where the “User” accesses “Exhibtionism.com”.
  16. The “User” shall not use the reporting feature indiscriminately and/or to harm other users, under penalty of having his profile blocked. However, the reporting feature may be used every time the “User” verify a violation of these Terms of Use.

  17. The “User” shall not:

    1. Promote any kind of commerce, including the commerce his own body.
    2. Create or send emails, comments, or other form of commercial use (spam) or disturbance to other users of “Exhibtionism.com” network.
    3. Use domain names or website addresses in his username without the authorization of “Exhibtionism.com’s” network administrators.
    4. Interfere or interrupt the services of “Exhibtionism.com” network or its servers by using mechanisms that are offensive to the cyber security, like software viruses, spywares, worms, malware or any other computer code of harming nature to the good
    5. functionality of “Exhibtionism.com” network.
    6. Create accounts on “Exhibtionism.com” network through non-authorized means, including, but not limited to the use of automatic devices like scripts, bots, spiders, crawlers and scrapers.
    7. Restrict the use of “Exhibtionism.com” network to other users, stimulate or facilitate the violation of these Terms of Use.
    8. Act in a way that disturbs the good relationship between “Exhibtionism.com” and its users, and among the users themselves (“Improper Conduct”).
    Sole paragraph: the violation of any of the terms above may result in the sum of penalties described under item 10.
  18. It is the “User’s” duty to stay informed about changes in these Terms of Use.
  19. The “User” agrees that his information will be exhibited and available to use of any “User” of “Exhibtionism.com” network, as well as understands that it will be available for indexation in search mechanisms.
  20. The “User” agrees to obey all laws, rules and regulations of Brazil that are applicable to the use of “Exhibtionism.com” network, including those concerning copyrights.
    Sole paragraph: by submitting any material to the “Exhibtionism.com” network, the “User” guarantees that he is the exclusive author or has full authorization to publish the content . By submitting the content to the “Exhibtionism.com” network, the “User” waives any moral rights related to the content submitted, including, with no limitations, the right to be identified as the author of the material.
  21. Except for the material the “User” sent, the “User” does not own any rights related to the content of the “Exhibtionism.com” network. He is not authorized to change, alter, modify, or adapt anything related to the “Exhibtionism.com” network, not even create other website that seems to be related to the “Exhibtionism.com” network;
  22. The “User” automatically grants “Exhibtionism.com” global, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, sub licensable, royalty free, and free of any copyrights charges for any material sent. “Exhibtionism.com” is free to use, change, edit, and modify any content under this license for any means of communication, as well as transfer this license to affiliates and successors without previous approval.
  23. The “User’s” personal information may be disclosed with companies, organizations or individuals if “Exhibtionism.com’s” administrators are required to do so by law or in good faith belief that such records or disclosures are necessary to: (i) comply with a legal request or judicial determination; (ii) prevent frauds; (iii) prevent or provide assistance to an investigation of illegal activities, in order to guarantee “Exhibtionism.com’s” security; (iv) protect “Exhibtionism.com” and its users from eventual damages.
  24. The “User” takes the risks of every material he sends and agrees that “Exhibtionism.com’s” administration cannot and will not be liable for his publications. If the “User” violates these Terms of Use, or even expose a risk or legal threat to the “Exhibtionism.com” network, the administration may cancel all the services offered to the “User”, who will lose the right to be reimbursed.
  25. “Exhibtionism.com’s” network administration reserve the right to modify or terminate the “User” access to “Exhibtionism.com” network for any reason, without notice, at any moment, and without liability to the “User”.
  26. If the “User” no longer wish to receive “Exhibtionism.com’s” emails, he should click on the unsubscribe link located within each message and/or contact us at [email protected]
  27. If the “User’s” account is terminated, by his own will or decision of the “Exhibtionism.com’s” network, all the profile data will be inaccessible for other users, but will be stored at “Exhibtionism.com’s” database for up to 2 (two) years counted from the last action performed using the account. After this period, the data will be excluded, unless a legal or judicial determination is issued.
    Sole paragraph: The materials sent by the “User” may remain visible on “Exhibtionism.com’s” network even after the termination of the account, because “Exhibtionism.com” does not have control under the indexation of content by search mechanisms.
  28. At the moment that the “User’s” account is terminated, by his own will or decision of “Exhibtionism.com’s” administration, all the licenses are also terminated, except the one mentioned under item 21, as well as all the rights granted to the “User” by these Terms of Use.
  29. “Exhibtionism.com’s” non-registered users (“Third Party”) will have limited access to its services.
    Sole paragraph: No “Third Party” may execute or be benefited by these Terms of Use.

    CONCERNING Exhibtionism.com

  30. “Exhibtionism.com” will not be liable for any conduct or material sent by the “User”.
  31. The “Exhibtionism.com” network may display web links to other websites or third sources for information. “Exhibtionism.com” will not have control over those and shall not be liable for any damage to the “User” if he uses those data.
    Sole paragraph: The “User” is aware that other web sites or third sources are governed by their own policies and Terms of Use.
  32. “Exhibtionism.com” network is discharged from liability for hacker invasions that may compromise stored data.
  33. “Exhibtionism.com” network will seek the best operation for its services, although cannot guarantee that all functions will be available non-stop. “Exhibtionism.com” does not guarantee quality, performance and functionality of services.
  34. “Exhibtionism.com” will not be responsible for functionality reductions of its services if accessed from a mobile device, and will not be responsible for eventual charges applied by Internet or phone providers if the “User” agrees to receive messages or notifications from “Exhibtionism.com” on his device.
  35. “Exhibtionism.com” may exclude, suspend, modify, or even create new services without noticing the “User”.
  36. “Exhibtionism.com” may graduate the user’s access according to the plan they acquired and the criteria used for this distribution will be made at “Exhibtionism.com’s” sole discretion, without prior notice.
  37. The methods and conditions of payment, as well as the benefits acquired in each access plan will be governed by their own Terms and Conditions and have special regulation, which, however, do not exclude the ones of these Terms of Use.
    Sole paragraph: “Exhibtionism.com” may terminate or restrict the access to non-subscriber users and users whose subscription has expired or been suspended.
  38. “Exhibtionism.com” will not be liable for any kind of information in its servers or any loss caused by transmission, data usage or inaccurate content published by other users.
  39. “Exhibtionism.com” does not guarantee that its serves are free of computer viruses or mechanisms that may damage computers, and will not be liable for eventual damages that may occur in hardware and software systems of the “User”.


  40. “Exhibtionism.com” reserves the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time, at any time and at “Exhibtionism.com’s” sole discretion.
    Sole paragraph: The alterations described above may be executed by updating these Terms of Use, without prior notice to the “User”. Furthermore, the “User’s” acknowledgement of these Terms of Use will happen at the first access on “Exhibtionism.com” network after the update.
  41. These Terms of Use, when updated, will be valid as soon as they are published on “Exhibtionism.com’s” network, except if otherwise indicated in the Terms of Use.


  42. By accepting these Terms of Use, the “User” agrees that “Exhibtionism.com”, its associate companies, directors and agents are discharged of any legal responsibilities over any content sent, including content involving defamation, offensive or illegal material from any third parties.
  43. The “User” understands and expressly agrees that “Exhibtionism.com” may monitor all the areas of its services to comply with these Terms of Use or with other conditions that may be published. “Exhibtionism.com” can also delete or edit any content that violates these Terms of Use.
  44. Under no circumstances the administration of “Exhibtionism.com”, its associate companies, directors, employees, or agents will be legally held responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special, or punitive damages arising out from: (i) any mistakes, errors or inaccuracy of content; (ii) moral or material damages of any nature arising out from accessing and using this service; (iii) any non-authorized usage of “Exhibtionism.com” servers, and/or any and all personal information saved, or any error, loss, or data instability, host server problems or corruption of any material; (iv) any interruption or transmission failure to the website; (v) any bugs, viruses, or similar that may be transmitted through or by the website by any third parties and/or (vi) any errors or omissions of any content, or loss or damage of any nature arising out from any content uploaded, sent by email, transmitted or by any other means available on “Exhibtionism.com” website.
  45. The “User” understands that shall defend, compensate and hold “Exhibtionism.com”, its associate companies, directors, actionists, employees or agents free of any compensation requests, damages, obligations, losses, responsibilities, costs or debts, expenditures (including but not limited to attorney’s fees and legal costs) arising out of: (i) misuse and access of “Exhibtionism.com” websites network; (ii) violation of any clauses of these Terms of Use; (iii) violation of any third parties rights, including but not limited to any copyrights, ownership or privacy rights.
  46. If any provision of these Terms of Use is deemed illegal, invalid or for some reason unenforceable in its totality, it shall not in any way affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use.
  47. he failure to exercise, partial tolerance or delay in exercising a right or remedy provided or not in these Terms of Use does not imply waive from “Exhibtionism.com”.


  48. Information available on “Exhibtionism.com” network cannot be distributed or used by any person or entity that is under jurisdiction or in a country that prohibits these conducts, including countries or jurisdictions that require “Exhibtionism.com” to be registered in any form. We reserve the right to limit the total or partial availability of the “Exhibtionism.com” network to any person, location or jurisdiction at any time and for any reason.
  49. These Terms of Use:

    1. Do not prevent “Exhibtionism.com” to bring an eventual dispute to judicial review.
    2. Do not grant any rights to any third parties.

“Exhibtionism.com” reserves all rights not expressly granted to the “User” in these Terms of Use.